Raquel Amat Parra

PROFESSOR: Prof. Paweł Frąckiewicz, Małgorzata Etber Warlikowska
THESIS TEACHER: Christopher Nowicki
REVIEWER: Anna Trojanowska

My work is about my own understanding of our creativity and the nature of the reality that surrounds us. I like to think of the world that surrounds me in a philosophical, surreal way. The purpose of it, is to make the viewer rethink their surroundings and transform them in a free, unabridged way.
The aim why I choose to explore the limitations of our consciousness and thought process is that I strongly believe we shouldn't forget about what makes us human which in my opinion are the relationships that connect us with other human beings.

My inspiration comes from the world of the subconscious, which is where our actions begin. This is weaved into our days, our inner life, our soul and being. For the purpose of my artwork I'm assuming the reality as a dream. Whether consciously or unconsciously, this is where we begin to create and engage with our surroundings.

I pose from my work the reality as a dream. Which consciously or unconsciously model at our whim and which we engage other human beings in, being these partly responsible for creating it and suggesting the possibility of a relative reality, sometimes modelled by others. I want to make the viewer arises whether he exists by himself or through be imagined by someone else.
I speak of imagination as it is most stars in the creation of our dreams, posing dreams as roads we take, both rational and irrational way. You can see how I use the presence of characters with whom we can identify. These characters may have other polymorphic or biomorphic appearances they are usually spaced in the foreground. Which is identified with the human species by their anthropomorphic faces and therefore the viewer in which an activity or scene is. They are often related with dreams of amorphous beings that represent thoughts, emotions, and sensations in our minds.

There are heads that may represent the soul of us, as the soul is like our inner mirror brain. These heads are arranged in a no specific space in which characters look like alone however there is a complex interaction between them. In this multiple interaction, there is a difference between reality and fiction, between fantasy and reality, between fear, terror, hate, joy; feelings converge creating a scene that might be an abstract map of humanity.

In this space interconnection everything converges normally associate the inner world, the personal world. In this way we are able to express metaphorically in an outer plane, which occupies our mind, what we own which now shows explicit in turn to be a catalyst for all the emotions of others. Our inner world gives rise to a rich world outside these two inseparable and being part of a single reality.