Li Xiaoping

PROFESSOR: Przemyslaw Tyszkiewicz; Christopher Nowicki
THESIS TEACHER: Christopher Nowicki
REVIEWER: Agata Gertchen; Marta Kubiak

When I was recommended by my teacher to learn printmaking, the only thing I knew about it was “black and white”and “wood carving”, and thought it was easy to learn because prints could be replicated.Yet when I seriously started, I found it was not as easy as I had imagined. It’s also have colours and use different materials. Based on this erroneous understanding. I’m very interest in colous and that I don’t know materials.So I decide to make my works with “Serigraph”and “Reduction Linocut” even if my teacher Agata told me this kind of art is very difficult. But I’m trying and enjoy it. Reduction Linocut is a very time-consuming job.Each works have to print a lot of pieces in the first.and then add another color after cut the plank again and again. Well, the happy thing is that I can combination of linocut and serigraph.

I think the works are my life in Poland.In the pass two years I try to enjoy my every day in here.I really very like Poland.It’s so different from my country.Because of my bad English,so I’ve had to learn think and look more in the life. I found it’s wonderful if no language and words in your life. Maybe like this you will realize that your eye, hand, heart and body are so important for you. And you should be touch yourself at sometimes or somewhere if you want to know “who are you?”, “what do you want?”and “how you should do?”!