Sylvia Lesniewski

PROFESSOR: Pawel Frackiewicz
REVIEWER: Anna Trojanowska

I was born in Toronto, Canada to Polish parents and I finished my Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honors) 2014 at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Afterwards, I decided to travel to Poland to complete my Master’s in Fine Arts 2016 focusing in printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. At the university, I was selected to be the laboratory technician in my second year of my master program where I worked for Professor Pawel Frackiewicz at Studio of Lithography and Graphics’ Promotion. This has been an important step in progressing my
professional artistic career.

My diploma presented at the Dolnoslaskie Centrum Fotografii Domek Romanski is composed of different printmaking techniques including: lithography, intaglio, digital printing and photography. I have developed a way to create an origami pyramid structure from my prints. The folded aspect of my prints lends a physicality to my artwork and further enhances the duality of my subject matter, architectural fragments. The matrix of my artworks was multiplied digitally and composed in an architectural and decorative fashion. In doing so, the details of my prints are metaphorical, gathered within these origami boxes that hold the representation of my artistic being. As a final step I photographed the origami structures in different possible arrangements as a way to preserve their delicate essence. Photography is used in my work to
represent the concept of memory.

Origami was originally a meditation exercise. I found that the repetitive nature of the folds fostered brain focus, leading to development. Similarly, printmaking as a process is also repetitive giving that gave me the same meditative feel. The parallels between the two processes is the focus of my diploma project. As a child I learnt basic origami. As I matured I have developed myself through printmaking.

This diploma project will serve as a documentation of the meeting of myself as a child and as an adult. The same person. The same processes. The same meditations. I aim to evoke the child like responses with my art. That base, almost animalistic, curiosity at the repeated shapes, folds and geometry. A transformation from 2D to 3D. Thought to structure. This idea captivates me as I believe it will many others. My oasis lies in the desert of repetition. I am serene. No thoughts. No language. Just an expression. Draw, paint, fold, rinse, and repeat. My chaos is reflected within this paper chrysalis. Should I need to draw on it again I can merely undo the folds.