Xuying Wang

PROFESSOR: Prof. Christopher Nowicki, Małgorzata Etber Warlikowska
THESIS TEACHER: Christopher Nowicki
REVIEWER: Marta Kubiak

It was my first time to leave my hometown to go to Poland to start my abroad education. Finally, I could profoundly realize the feeling of "nostalgia", and as for what homesickness is, it is missing the hometown and family, and missing someone when seeing the things related to him or her.
Moreover, lotus is the special kind of flower in Asia, and also my favorite flower. In my graduation design, the lotus not only represented the pure and noble woman, but also represented my deep thoughts to my country, hometown, family and friends.

Every artist has his own artistic symbol, which is also the language of creation, such as Yue Minjun, as soon as his self-portrait symbol appears; it immediately states his creative intention.

Then the "Lotus" is my artistic symbol. I try to describe the lotus in different colors, shapes and postures, which also represent me in different status. My joys and sorrows, my emotional variation, were changed little by little because of the two years' study in Poland, from unfamiliar to familiar gradually; finally I found the beauty here, which is different from that in Chinese traditional culture.

Thus, I adopt embroidery, which is originated from China and as an important art language in Chinese traditional culture. I bond it with silkscreen painting, which is originated from Europe. Combine the Chinese art with the foreign one, adhere to the self-artistic style and absorb the European art culture.
However, in contemporary China, the embroidery art and needlework culture are lost and decline little by little. I think from now on my artistic creations will continue to be based on Chinese traditional culture, and I will conduct further learning and study about the art of embroidery, the stitch methods in embroidery art are massive and complex. However the embroidery works presented also bring us strong visual impacts, and even shock us.