Studio of Printmaking Expansion

Adj. Malgorzata Etber Warlikowska
Asst. Barnaba Mikulowski

Graphics is one of the most important and most common elements of contemporary visual culture. It is present in all aspects of social life, and often goes unnoticed.

The purpose of education in this studio is to explore, in a broad sense, the opportunities offered by printmaking. Beginning with printing on paper and continuing through ceramics, glass, plastic foils, Plexiglas and fabric as flat realizations (prints, stencils, stickers). But also exploring three dimensional projects such as graphic objects, happenings, and utilization of industrial sites.

In the studio we will focus on experimentation and creativity, often on the borderline of graphics and other activities. The basis however is to take action with the basic knowledge and ability of graphic techniques which are acquired by the student in advance or by beginners during the courses in the studio.